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Discover San Diego EMDR Therapy


emdrHave you heard of the many benefits provided by San Diego EMDR therapy professionals? This new technique has become one of the most well-received and successful integrative therapies designed to help lessen trauma and improve overall state of being, and it continues today to grow in popularity.


Highly reputable experts are available who have mastered the technique, and can provide adequate support for anyone looking to improve their emotional and mental health, either as a group or individually, throughout the San Diego area.


What Is EMDR, Really?


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a type of integrative, holistic method for treating trauma and mental problems that can be associated with anything from mild psychological disorders to conditions that have often required psychiatric assistance in the past.


According to those who practice San Diego EMDR therapy, the technique works by improving the brain's ability to resume normal processing, while preventing it from reliving traumatic events as it would normally otherwise do.


People suffering from trauma often relive the various images, sounds, smells and other sensations associated with a negatively charged memory of traumatic events. When this happens, the brain fails to process information at its regular rate. After an EMDR session, however, the process of reliving traumatic events is lessened, and the negative memories are no longer allowed to interfere with the person's normal day-to-day life, or the way they see the world.


With the help of a professional San Diego EMDR therapy expert, this effect can quickly be achieved, and the benefit results are similarly powerful as those obtained from REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Thus, the natural approach employed by EMDR treatments can be far more beneficial than most other conventional psychological and psychiatric treatments.


The Benefits of Choosing EMDR


  • The clearest benefit associated with EMDR is that it will effectively help patients reprocess any traumatic life events. Even the most disturbing memories associated with PTSD and intense trauma can be tackled effectively through professional EMDR sessions.
  • This type of therapy is widely recognized by a number of reputable organizations, such as the American Psychiatric Association, the Department of Defense and Veteran Affairs, or the ISTSS.
  • Limiting and negative beliefs about the self and about one's own abilities can effectively be transformed, so that after going through the therapy, one would be able to see oneself in a completely different, far more positive light.
  • Years of therapy can be packed into just a few months of effective EMDR therapy sessions.
  • When going through EPDM therapy, you won't have to talk too much about your experiences and repressed memories, making it much easier and more comfortable than other techniques.


Who Can Benefit from San Diego EMDR Therapy?


Virtually anyone who has experienced some form of traumatic episode, either in the distant past – such as events associated with childhood abuse – or more recently, can gain many benefits from the healing power associated with EMDR treatments.


With the help of a dependable San Diego EMDR therapy professional, you can quickly, yet gradually enough, let go of memories of traumatic accidents, episodes of abuse, experiences associated with combat or the recent loss of a loved one, and even problems associated with angry outbursts or the disruptiveness of post-traumatic stress disorder.