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Why So Many Freelancers Move To San Diego

San-Diego-FreelancingSan Diego likes to call itself America's finest city. As the home of both Shamu and Ron Burgundy, San Diego has shown its finest city status on the world stage. And the world has responded. San Diego is one of America's top tourist destinations. With virtually perfect weather and unlimited outdoor activities, visitors flock to this border city year round.

Many who visit wonder how they could stay. As they walk past scores of pretty girls along the boardwalk in Pacific Beach, under blue skies and gentle sunshine, they wonder why this couldn't be their everyday. The fact is it can and many workers have discovered just this. While the San Diego job market isn't incredible those that can create their own opportunities can live very well.

If your virtual commute consists of turning on your laptop when you wake up in the morning, you are probably well aware that you could do your job from anywhere. Why not San Diego? San Diego has a major international airport. It's just minutes away from the adventures of Mexico. It's only an hour and a half drive from the bustle of Los Angeles. And mountains with skiing and snowboarding are just a few hours away.

Naturally those that have computer based jobs find it easiest to make the move. Web designers, SEO professionals, graphic artists, copywriters, and marketing specialists are common in San Diego. They live here because they can. It's not uncommon to go to a local cafe and see scores of people using it as their personal office. And they can always fold up their laptop and go for a surf in the middle of the day.

Many people move to San Diego for the lifestyle. It's a place where you can work to live instead of living to work. It's hard to believe how many yoga studios there are and they are packed. At dusk there are people of all ages jogging. On weekends there are people out everywhere, enjoying water sports or just getting caught up on sunshine.

A common theme among San Diegans is that they live in San Diego because they want to. Unlike many other cities, almost no one lives in San Diego because they have to. It's a choice. That choice makes for happy people and happy people make it an even nicer place to live.

Co-working and virtual office are quite common in San Diego. Those that don't keep a formal office can rent one by the hour when they need to meet with clients or have a formal meeting. These co-working spaces are hubs for young entrepreneurs and freelancers who are part of the new economy. Often these spaces are hotbeds for referrals as every person working there is part of a small upstart company or an independent contractor. Sharing business makes a great working environment.

Believe it or not some freelancers move to San Diego for the beer. Quite possibly the craft beer capital of California, San Diego's indie beer scene is exploding. These days many trendy microbrew bars have WiFi so that freelancers can go there to work while they sip on tasty ales.