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Wine Barrel Furniture By The Hungarian Shop

wine barrel chairsIf you love to keep up with the most recent trends in home and garden furniture, it is time you found out more about wine barrel furniture. This recent trend started from the broader concept of saving trees and reusing wood in as many ways as possible.

Wooden pallet furniture was in fashion last year and the trend is still going strong, but, right now, a small group of entrepreneurs has found a new way to transform wine barrels and give them a new lease on life.

Why Wine Barrel Furniture?

The idea of turning wine barrels into deck chairs or coffee tables has presented itself to two entrepreneurs with Hungarian heritage, who are trained in the art of traditional furniture making.

The sources of their raw material are the wine cellars in California, where, every year, millions of gallons of wine are stored in wooden barrels to age. Once the wine is bottled and sold, the barrels are not reused, because they would affect the taste and quality of the new wine stored in them.

The usual fate of these barrels was to become sawdust, mostly used as filling in the furniture industry, but the Hungarian Workshop owners had a different vision: the beautifully aged and carved wood barrels would make lovely pieces of furniture by themselves. So, why should they go to waste?

Types of Furniture Items Made from Wooden Barrels

Large wine barrels have a specific shape and curvature that makes them perfect for deck chair, love seats or even rocking chairs. Each piece of wine barrel furniture is handmade and guaranteed to have a long useful life. The staves of the barrel are individually sanded and polished, to clear all types of impurities, until the wood grain stands out in all its natural beauty.

Deck chairs and love seats made from wine barrel staves are just what you need for a relaxing day in your back yard. The typical bend of the staves provides you with all the comfort you could hope for in a relaxed seating position. You can also sit and enjoy the sunset in a sturdy and rustic looking rocking chair that will certainly make your neighbors envy you. In the morning, you can have your coffee on a table made from the full bottom of a wine barrel, with a barrel lid on top of it.

The Manufacturing Process

The Hungarian Workshop's wine barrel furniture is made of aged French Oak wine barrels, bonded together with stainless steel elements. Their artisans work on the wooden staves until they are clean, safe and solid enough to ensure a long use in your home. This way, you will enjoy the rustic aged look of real wood and create a cozy atmosphere in your kitchen, garden and, why not, your own wine cellar.

Every piece of furniture from San Diego's Hungarian Workshop comes with the guarantee of authenticity, quality and comfort. You know without a doubt that the chair you sit in was built with care and skill by the artisans' talented hands.

Finally, remember that, if you want to be environmentally responsible, you have to go all the way in changing your life to leave a smaller footprint on the planet. Wine barrel furniture is the responsible way of decorating your home and enjoying natural wood furniture.